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Brien McVernon is a Newcastle Bass Guitarist, well known on the local scene...

He began playing with original Newcastle bands such as the Phantom Agents with Gary Laucht, Rod 'Jasper' Glassop and Ray Horley , the band Happy Dials with Capree  Morris, John Buckley, Gary Laucht and Peter Edmonds and the Lipp System with Gary Laucht, Graham McHutchin, Capree Morris and John Buckley.

He was a member of the Newcastle Conservatorium Orchestra. Brien McVernon has a Bachelor of Music Education. He spent a few years in Sydney working as a session musician, and spent a brief period with the band Koo De Tah.

In 1987 Brien joined the Newcastle cover band The Fabulous Colours with Tony Heads, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Mark Tinson and Gary Wilson. In 1988 he played in the Funbusters with Dave Carter, U. J. Neill, Phil Screen, Mick Stove, Steve Dunkley, and Peter 'Cyd' Lindsay.

From the late eighties and into the 1990's Raiding Party, a party rock band playing covers and original songs was formed in Newcastle Australia. It began when Newcastle music artist Paul Flaherty called Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe in Sydney with a contact to Newcastle based musician Brien McVernon who was forming a pop rock covers/originals band. Rehearsal began at Tony Heads Downie Street Maryville Studio.  Members of Raiding Party's original line-up included: James Davis: keyboard/piano, Brien McVernon: bass and vocals, Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe: vocal, Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear: drums and Paul Flaherty: guitar.  Later Newcastle musicians Mark Tinson: guitar replaced Paul Flaherty and Gary Wilson replaced Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear, Gary Wilson was later to be replaced by Steve 'Mac' McLennan. Brien McVernon wrote the hit 'Loveland' while with The Raiders.

He created the bands The Glam Gods with the characters Ron Bult as Thunder, Dennis Butler as Tommy Doubter, Steve 'Mac' McLennan as Damien Hades, Brien McVernon as Jehova St Andrew, Brad Duncan as Badly Drunken, Peter Hoolahan as Karen Carpenter, Peter Lindsay as Cyd, along with Ngariki and Josh Callaway. The band Circus Life with Rick McCann, Darren Brollo, James Davis, Graham Kent and Ken Jewel. And the Soda Jerks with Mark Tinson and Gary Wilson. He was a guest artist in the Newcastle band Freak Shop with Ron Bult, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Pete 'Cyd' Lindsay, Nick 'Mate' Rosetti, Mark Black , Darren Brollo, Ngariki, Brad Heaney, Paolo Vellicelli, Steve Fuller, Rick Manevski and Bob Daisley.

Brien McVernon is in the Newcastle based band Retro Rockets with Dom Lyndus and Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear.

Brien travels to Queensland, Victoria and Tamworth, playing and recording music. He has worked with and supported acts such as Graeme Connors, Tanya Kernaghan, Col Elliot, Slim Dusty, Angry Anderson and many others.

Brien also released a selection of his original music in his debut solo album in 2000. Brien continues to entertain with his solo shows around Newcastle. With songs from classic hits from the 50's to current songs.

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Brien McVernon Bass Guitarist

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